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Transforming Climate Variability and
Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers


U2U Decision Support Tools

Welcome to AgClimate View – your source for historical climate and crop yield data in the Corn Belt.

  • Plot local monthly temperature and precipitation variation back to 1980
  • Track county crop yields and trends (where data is available)
  • Consider crop yields in the context of monthly temperature, precipitation and growing degree day (GDD50) data

Used in tandem with other decision resources, this product can help you find long-term correlations between climate trends and yields and help put your recent growing cycles into historical context.

To get started, select a station near you. Do this by clicking on the map or using the search feature.


This tab allows you to plot maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation data for a specified date range.

This tab allows you to plot 30-year (1981-2010) average maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation.

Max Temperature Min Temperature Precipitation
Comparison Year:

This tab allows you to view annual county yields for a selected time period and the corresponding linear yield trend.

Corn Trend Soybean Trend

This tab allows you to plot countywide annual yield data with up to two climate variables.

Step 1: Select one of the crops

Corn Soybean None

Step 2: Select up to two monthly climate variables

Max Temperature Min Temperature Precipitation GDD50 SDD90

Step 3: Select start & end month range to plot

Step 4: Select start & end year range to plot

This tab allow you to create a customized chart using all climate data available for your selected station.

Climate Data are retrieved from
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